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My own philosophy on storytelling is that people don’t want to be told how to feel but they do want to be told what to pay attention to. One of the most basic ways to do this when you’re telling a story is to use what’s sometimes called a “pointing arrow,” or signposting. Right before something happens, drop in a little phrase like…”and that’s the moment when everything changed”…or…” and that’s when things got interesting.” Those phrases are like little arrows that tell the listeners: pay attention to what’s about to happen because it’s important. (We use these mercilessly in Radiolab, too much perhaps). Anyhow. I felt like as I was living inside the story I’m telling you now, I’d periodically bump into these pointing arrows, but I could never predict when they’d appear or where they’d lead.

Jad Abumrad shares insights on storytelling from Radiolab’s origin story

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Totally relatable. Love this. If I could sing, this would be the way I would do it.

Ian Hooper, originally from Seattle and currently living in Berlin, brought his friends Andrew Saunderson (U.S.) and Claudio Donzelli (IT) with him to play the SoundCloud Sessions in Berlin. Due to wind and rain on the roof, they played a little concert on the steps between floors for those still at work. This was the first time the three had performed together and they summed up the evening nicely in their own words as, “real folkin’ fun.”