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Hej Sweden

We left for Sweden early on Friday by plane from the Southern most airport in Berlin (Schoenfeld). We did not have any real plans except to leave Berlin behind for a little while. I travelled with Jessica and she was the source of our connections in Sweden. We arrived in Nykoping, a small village an hour outside of Stockholm and took an incredibly comfortable bus to our final destination. Looking out the windows all I saw were straight as arrow trees, grassy fields as far as the eye could see and small houses that dotted the side of the road that we lazily meandered along in our huge vehicle. 

The air was so clear and seemed filtered and sweet as I breathed in deeply once we got out at the central station. I stood there and felt the clean air fill my lungs as countless blonde haired Swedes passed me by on the way to their next destination. I was immediately enthralled. Entirely and utterly excited about my five days in the heart of the city. We got word that we were invited to stay at a “Startup Haus” on Gamla Stan which was inhabited by startup entreprenuers from Stockholm. They lived in a mansion on the same island where the Royal Palace and Parliament were. We had hit the jackpot.

Five days in Stockholm and we were both hooked. I had fallen in love with the buildings, the incredibly friendly people, fika, kanelbunel, all the water everywhere and how blue it was, the Swedish aesthetic and so much more. There was beauty everywhere I looked and it was glorious. Also the style in Stockholm was so flawless and effortless. The lines were clean, jeans were paired perfectly with coats & converse and everything was plain yet so stylish. I liked the easy simplicity that I felt in Stockholm. It was nice and relaxing and calming and just perfect.

At the end I felt like I was not ready to go but Berlin was calling and so was London, so we packed up our bags and said goodbye early in the morning before the sun had even decided it might rise for the new day. Leaving the city I knew I would be back again and so I shall but in the meantime I will keep the sunny nordic destination in my mind.

Camille’s music is Sweden in song:

If you are heading to Stockholm, try booking a room at the Startup Haus via Airbnb!

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