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Rails Girls: Berlin

"Coding is Poetry"

Today I am participating in Rails Girls: Berlin. 

What is Rails Girls? It is simple and awesome: Rails Girls aims to give tools for girls and women to build their ideas.It is a one day crash-course to the exciting world of building web applications with Ruby on Rails.

So far the day has gone great! I’ve learned how to build my own site and use RoR (albeit basic), I was schooled on handy developer jargon (ex: masters, slaves, django, PHP, speghetti code…etc) and we still have many cool talks to come from some fantastic developers and coaches! 

The Berlin edition is being sponsored by SoundCloud, Amen, Wooga, Readmill & many more!  Join us at the after party tonight at Flamingo (Kleine Präsidentenstrasse at the riverside of Monbijou Park in Mitte)!

Learn more here:

end of summer.

Ok. so this is just for fun - I wrote this at age 15 (10 years ago!) when I was on a sort of rhyming tangent. I don’t care though, because this was one of my most fun poems to date and it is about the end of summer. I guess I was always trying to escape this world through writing.


As the trees shed their summer leaves,

so do the fairies dance amongst them pleased.

Passing by the park one day,

the fairy song drifted my way.

Soft and sweet and light as day.

I looked and looked but to my dismay,

the fairies had all but hid away.

Quiet and still I stood.

Then upon my silence kept,

there they crept from out the wood.

One fat and round and bright and gay,

one small and long and thin looking like the month of May.

They danced in the fallen leaves,

sharing dandelions with each other that they stole from the earth like innocent thieves.

Jumping from flower to flower,

I don’t know how long it lasted,

maybe an hour.

I hid behind the cherry tree to take a better look.

They swam amongst the fallen blossoms they gingerly picked up and took.

Placing one by one in their hair,

I wanted to speak, but I did not dare.

For how rare it is to see,

a fairy running and jumping and laughing with glee.

Upon darkness the moon did shine,

I lay down in the wet grass smelling divine.

They came near me with a light linger,

I dared not move,

not even a finger.

Resting with me on pillows of flowers,

we drifted off for hours and hours.

Until yesterday turned gently into today,

misty dew covered our pathway.

Awakening in a far off land,

with new eyes the horizon I scan.

The fairies bid me adieu,

I am sad, but I must leave too.

Into my deepest dreams they go,

as the weather changes from fall leaves to white snow.

I will remember that day again,

when I played with fairies and called them my friends.

No better playmates you could find,

than fairies dancing wildly in leaves,

leaving the world behind.