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Taco Tuesday: Night of the Taco

I am hosting a Taco Tuesday in March! Basically the Mexican food in Berlin is terrible so I decided to teach people how to cook a proper Taco. One Berliner at a time…

Here is more info via Gidsy:

"A taco a day keeps the doctor away" - Sylvia Plath


Tuesday March 6th marks the first “Night of the Taco”. “Well…what is ‘The Night of the Taco’” you ask shyly. Good question! It is simple my friends, let me break it down:

1. It will happen on a Tuesday. A “taco” Tuesday.

2. Who should come? You = a hungry person who is interested in learning how to make an authentic Tex-Mex taco spread.

3. Who is running this thing? Me = an expert in making authentic Tex-Mex spreads! Growing up in Texas & California has made me confident in my taco crafting & teaching abilities.

4. We will meet & I will teach you how to cook an assortment of tacos including but not limited to the following: chicken tacos, fish tacos, vegetarian tacos, taco salad, beef tacos & breakfast tacos.

5. Then we will eat and eat and drink the German version of Corona! We might even wear sombreros!!!

Sound fun? Sign up and join us!

Note: All $$ will go towards taco supplies !

You can sign up here via and read my article on Gidsy here.

Apfel- Schorle

One of my favorite German beverages is Apfelschorle. Basically it is like sparkling apple juice but less sweet. Here is some more information:

Apfelschorle, also Apfelsaftschorle, is a popular soft drink in Germany. It consists of carbonated mineral water and apple juice. The broader category Fruchtschorle consists of any fruit juice mixed with carbonated water, but Apfelschorle is by far the most common. Spritzer (that is wine mixed with carbonated water) is called Weinschorle. Apfelschorle contains fewer calories and is less sweet than pure apple juice. This makes it popular in summer and among athletes.

Commercially available Apfelschorle generally contains between 55% and 60% juice. Brands of Apfelschorle in Germany include Lift, Gerolsteiner (which also sells mineral water) and Bizzl. However, in most bars and restaurants, Apfelschorle is mixed ad hoc from apple juice and carbonated water.

And that my friends, is Apfel Schorle.


I have a new obsession and it is heated wine.

Glühwein is mulled wine that is usually served around the Holiday months. It is warm and alcoholic and the best part is you can add even more alcohol to it upon request. Trust me I am not an alcoholic but Berlin winters are rough and a little extra rum goes a long way. Also it is SUPER simple to make !

Here is an easy Glühwein recipe via BBC:


1 litre bottle cheap red wine

30z/75g sugar (to taste)

1 tsp whole cloves

1 tsp ground cinnamon or stick cinnamon

juice of 1 orange and 1 lemon

Preparation method

1. Pour wine into a saucepan and add remaining ingredients (you can put whole spices in muslin). 2. Heat until nearly boiling and strain (if necessary) into a warm bowl. 3. Serve warm.