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Cafe CK

Today I became “mayor” of Cafe CK…that is nerd speak for “I go there a lot and like to let everyone know that by ‘checking in’ on a geo location type of device.” Well, today because of my mayorship, I received some lovely latte art in the form of a heart. Precious.

If you are in Berlin you need to go to Cafe CK. I have to some tips for you:

  1. Order a flat white then sit down (you do not need to pay until you are ready to leave).  
  2. If you come during the weekend, order the pancakes. They are fluffy and delicious. It is so simple!!!
  3. Get used to the fact that you are in Prenzlauerberg and therefore will be surrounded by at least three babies. Please refrain from the evil eyes at the coffee loving parents - there ain’t no point. Live it, love it. 
  4. Request a record of your choice - Cory, who is a co-owner of the cafe has excellent music tastes and also bought a record player for the cafe that regularly spins The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Prince or something equally as awesome - add your input but do not say something lame. 
  5. Tip the barista!! I know we live in Germany and tipping is not normal but guys, this place rocks and the people who work there are amazing - why not show them some love?

Go check them out! Or if you are around on Sat., I will be hosting "Berlin Startup Coffee" from 10-12pm.

Cafe CK - Prenzlauer Berg: Marienburger Str. 49 10405 Berlin - Near M2