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Gidsy Logbook: Unlock Your City!

We have this in Berlin but you should bring it to your town! Follow the link to their blog for more.


We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback in the past couple of months, and one thing has resonated loud and clear: you want Gidsy in your city! So we’ve come up with a plan to let you decide where Gidsy should launch next.

The premise is simple: You show us that your city has got what it takes,…

Taco Tuesday: Night of the Taco

I am hosting a Taco Tuesday in March! Basically the Mexican food in Berlin is terrible so I decided to teach people how to cook a proper Taco. One Berliner at a time…

Here is more info via Gidsy:

"A taco a day keeps the doctor away" - Sylvia Plath


Tuesday March 6th marks the first “Night of the Taco”. “Well…what is ‘The Night of the Taco’” you ask shyly. Good question! It is simple my friends, let me break it down:

1. It will happen on a Tuesday. A “taco” Tuesday.

2. Who should come? You = a hungry person who is interested in learning how to make an authentic Tex-Mex taco spread.

3. Who is running this thing? Me = an expert in making authentic Tex-Mex spreads! Growing up in Texas & California has made me confident in my taco crafting & teaching abilities.

4. We will meet & I will teach you how to cook an assortment of tacos including but not limited to the following: chicken tacos, fish tacos, vegetarian tacos, taco salad, beef tacos & breakfast tacos.

5. Then we will eat and eat and drink the German version of Corona! We might even wear sombreros!!!

Sound fun? Sign up and join us!

Note: All $$ will go towards taco supplies !

You can sign up here via and read my article on Gidsy here.

The Hidden Path - Berlin tours + Gidsy

My good friend Alex is coming to visit me in Berlin for three weeks starting before Christmas to January - because I was not able to get three weeks off from work and because I am still relatively new to Berlin, I have had to think about how to keep her busy while I am at work during the week and also what activities we can do together while she is here. 

Luckily I was introduced to Gidsy, a company that basically does the work for you by hosting activities on their site that promise to be fun, engaging and worth while. This is their catchy tagline : Gidsy is a marketplace for authentic experiences. I wanted to write about the Berlin start-up when they first launched, but I waited until I had my firsthand experience - that happened last week. I have booked one activity through them so far and it was super simple to do and more importantly it was fun - I even reviewed it here (activity = lunchtime yoga with Bettina). Right now they are launched in Berlin + NYC (you can learn more about them here) so I was in luck when I came across The Hidden Path Tours on their site. I was immediately intrigued as I was looking for something to do with Alex that I have never done before and also I was looking for something completely unique. Here is the description from their activity page:

Our guides are Berliners, who live in the city and know the street art and graffiti scene inside out (we’re mostly art students). They’ll share with you interesting stories and personal experiences from the underground writers world. Meet the people behind the tags. Check out some of Berlin’s off track spots and discover a world of different mentalities, cultures and lifestyles. Themes range from gentrification and the trashing of traditional neighborhoods, to the multicultural character of Berlin with its hundreds of different nationalities. Join us on an excursion of mind blowing murals, hidden guerilla garden’s, underground galleries and secret party locations. Your concept of this city will be turned upside down.

My initial reaction was simply - “this seems badass”. Why? First, I love that the guides are Berliners and artists - secondly I love the last sentence “Your concept of this city will be turned upside down.” Fabulous, because my concept of Berlin is already upside down and sideways so I adore the idea that it could possibly become more skewed! Exciting. I am booking my spot now - you should too! You can also check out their website here » - available in English and German.

So the internet has won my heart again. I love that I can find out about activities like The Hidden Path Tours easily and I appreciate that a website can advocate for activities that have nothing to do with being inside on a computer. Promoting activities such as urban exploring, lunchtime yoga, Holiday workshops, cooking classes and so much more makes living in a big city with so much to choose from such as Berlin that much easier in terms of aggregation. Gidsy helps sort through all the noise - only letting the best sounding activities reach me and I like that. I can’t wait to book more activities and get to know my new city better while connecting with others and building relationships. 

Has anyone else out there used it? What do you think?