In Motion. A flight.

In motion.

Tegel to Shiphol.

6am in the air. Berlin to Amsterdam. Seat 7E.

Plastic wrapped cakes, plastic wrapped spoons, plastic wrapped earphones. 

Plastic wrapped flight.

Bright blue flight attendants with plastic wrapped smiles. Tired eyes.

“Have a great flight” “Hallo” “Hello” “Guten Morgen” “Good Morning”.

Taking off still in the dark, dawn is somewhere beyond the horizon.

“Coffee” “Sugar” “Water” “Tea” “Tequila?” “No” “Cream” “Orange Juice” 

Yes, please.

Sleeping with eyes wide open, mouth ajar too. Bumpy turbulence, quick and a baby crying. Loud. 

The sun greets us and brilliantly illuminates the white dense sea of clouds below. My eyes go for a swim in them. 

Fuel exhaust, fumes create massive waves in the air. Rippling. Diving. Dancing.

Crumpled trash, discarded coffee cups and more plastic wrap. Seat belt sign, prepare for landing. “Flight attendants take your seats.”

Touch down, smooth. Schipol. Amsterdam.

Mind your step. “Have a great day.”