Young Unknowns - Far Enough

Jamie just tweeted at me that I should check out this jam, saying “I’m convinced you’ll love this band.” Sure, dude! I’m always down for strong female vocals and mellow vibes. Songwriter and lead singer Meredith Meyer has got this down cold.


Am I getting old or is this kind of smooth-pop sound becoming more refined and exciting?

Exciting might be the inappropriate word with which to describe Brooklyn’s Young Unknowns. Although the prospect of an entire album’s worth of this touching, melancholic pop is enough to send some to the heavens in giddy anticipation. Restrained and effortless to the bone, the band work a Twin Sister-esque style into their songs; minimalism and discipline the overriding factors. It makes for a gorgeous, unparalleled slice of pop; smooth enough to twitch the guilt sensors, but perfect enough to push those nagging feelings to one side.